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Ing. Franz Glaser
Glasau 3
4191 Vorderweissenbach
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Egg layer facility

functionality guarantee 6 months

TEKA 750/500 with 2 shutters
with hoist and scale, automatic scraper.
Dosage wall for 4 aggregates.
1 cement silo, 1 screw, 1 cement scale.
Automatic Bicotronic waterdosage.
Controller upgraded to Siemens S7 system.

Deassembling by 2 specialists of the seller and 2 locksmiths of the buyer.
Reassembling with assistance by the experts of the seller.
Zenith 913 KVAF machine
Trace width 120cm
2 sets of mold vibrators
1 set of load vibrator
Vulkolan wheels, no trails necessary
female mold connection Komet type
male mold (plunger) connection Zenith type
2 used moulds, more on demand.
forklift sold, no longer available