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concrete batching plant concrete batching plants
for ready mix
for precast
vertical plants: stationary for low space, much heavy foundation.
stationary and mobile  horizontal: mobile plant
truck transported type, continuous production mixing
star: cheap, needing scraper or built into a mountain

blockmaker hollow block production machines
traveller egglayer
stationary plant
Blockmakers. Hollow blocks, bricks, cubes.
Egg layer or closed cycle plant, complete plant and single machine with moulds. Jotta stacker.
Example picture Zenith 913 blockmaker Zenith 914 916

pavement stone production paver
paving stones
traveller egglayer
stationary plant.

Pavement stone production plants with face concrete. Multilayer machines.
Closed cycle fabric. Rotary press machine.
Paving and curbstone plant, gutter stone, bottom stone for ditches.
Zenith 828, 844, 940

pipe production machines
Precast pipe components such as adjustment rings, manholes with steps,
centric and excentric cones, catch basins, flat top for case well flat tops and pipe cylinders with rebated joints. Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipes.

concrete pumptruck concrete pumps
Truck pump
Diesel and electrical stationary pump, boom
city pump

concrete batching plant star type batching plant KABAG
Stationary concrete batching plant, star type with scraper, open construction. Three cement silos with dust filter. Cement screws, cement scale, water scale visible. Recycling equipment in the foreground. Controller cabin in a container, additional containers for boiler, chemical addtive storage and garage. The concrete walls have pipes (tubes) inside for heating in winter.
This plant uses a KABAG panmixer (also named planetary mixer).
Note: some people dont distinct between mixer and batcher, some people use the term mixer for the trucks with a drum to transport concrete, some people even use the word mixer for concrete pumps mounted on trucks what is completely wrong.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
Make BHS, Sonthofen, Germany
The best batcher worldwide.
Lowest abrasion.

Best suitable for readymix concrete, less suitable for precast, blockmakers and paver production purposes.
twin shaft concrete mixer

blockmakers egg layer block maker hollow blocks Block maker (mobile egg layer type) at production of hollow blocks on the floor.
This is a Krapinger HK 122 machine running fully automatically on traces. The machine is totally renewed and sold as new.

Zenith 913 machine, not renewed, not cleaned, typed as Zenith 914 SVS
Fully automatic, running in traces.
Zenith 913 and Zenith 914

Zenith 913 and Zenith 914 Vibro Block stationary plant block maker. Consists of the press machine, lifters, belts, dry cabins, grips - the whole cycle for the boards.

pave makers Paving stones of various shapes, rectangular, hexagonal, triangonal, double T, wave shaped. Various thickness.
Face concrete layer with fine sand concrete mixing. Quartz sand for low abrasion or decorative sands and crystals. Various colours.
Curbstones, gutter stones, bottom stones for ditches, lawn stones. (Snow is not delivered:-)
paving stones

Zenith multilayer paver producer Paving stone production, stationary multilayer machine produces on pallette.

Paving stone production, mobile multilayer machine produces on pallette. The machine is running on rails.
Note: the concrete must be transported to the machine, 2 distinct kinds: bottom and face concrete.
The machine travelles multiple times "over the road" (multilayer), several "roads" in parallel can be produced per shift.
Zenith multilayer paver producer


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